- I listened to over 250 pairs of speakers during my search for the stereo system I currently own. I will tell you that I am overwhelmed by my Living Voice Avatar OBX-R's. They are coupled with NAIM gear and seem be an excellent match. These speakers are so controlled and balanced. They are the most musical speakers I've listened to. I disagree with the previous review about their looks. The finish on these speakers is beautiful and although they are very traditional in their cabinet design, you get your money's worth on the components inside. Please have a listen to these before you buy, you'll absolutely love them. In fact, write me if you like at
Submitted by steve123 a AudioPhile

Model OBX-R2.These are simply the best speakers I have owned and heard in my 20 plus years of trying to get a sound I could be completely happy with.They are incredibly musical.Unbelievably dynamic- something no other speaker that Ive owned has been able to acheive.The mids are beautiful,so effortlessly real to life .The top end is the best Ive had ,including ribbons.The Scan speak revelator tweeter is way better than the Dynaudio Esotar,revealing loads more detail with incredible decay.This tweeter adds realism to the voice ,with no sibilance.The bass is transparent -again something Ive never experienced before.Its a shock when you hear bass as it should be for the first time,with real weight and scale,and none of the usual overhang.Speed and timing is impeccable.I owned the Merlin VSM Millenium with battery B.A.M for a year ,with reference JPS cables /Audio Aero cd/M.F NuVista amp and couldnt have been more underwhelmed -Harsh ,thin ,poor transparency,limited bass,dark on the vocal presentation-never palpable.These Living Voice speakers are so many leagues above the Merlins ,its plain embarrassing. Im using a Sugden class A Masterclass integrated amp, 32 W.P.C(£3200),with the Audio Aero Capitole CD and once agin JPS speaker cables in and out of the external x-over boxes,and I couldnt be more happy with the sound .The sound is alive,and involving .The closest Ive come to this sort of sound before is with the Triangle Antals-But they had far too many short comings for genuine comparison .Get to hear a pair -You will end up saving youself alot of time and money.
Submitted by
J Anderson a Audio Enthusiast

This speaker is excellent! Living Voice Avatar OBX-R is not another too bright speaker, but has very good tonal balance. Intruments are reproduced with their true character, e.g. cello and guitar sounded very realistic. Voice is as good as it gets.
As with any other good speaker, you sometimes get disappointed with recordings, but I dont think this speaker is difficult to match with other equipment. There is no need to use special cables etc. to get a decent high-frequency range. They are easy to drive, my 45 w tube amp is sufficient.
Chamber music works well, and the Avatar OBX is also able to deal with full orchestra works. Sufficiently deep bass and ablity to resolve complex music.
Although very clear in the top its not as "lightheaded" as Audio Physic Avanti III. Avanti III lacks the bass capability of Avatar OBX, but both have a very coherent sound. Avatar OBX is to my taste a much more involving speaker, especially with jazz and modern music.
Sound stage and dynamics is top class. However, Im sure you can find a more analyzing speaker, if thats what you want. I prefer the music.
Conservative design, not visually "screaming".
Negative: The front must be removed, it destroys the sound. The external filter is messy and you need extra cables.
Submitted by
Bubba a AudioPhile

May I agree with your other reviewers.I listened to a number of speakers in the price range,Spendor Dynaudio,BW.None approached the Auditoriums dynamics,accuracy and truth to the music.I am sure I am not the only person to find a flabby base as the main defect in even mid price floorstanders.I'd rather have no base at all. The entry level Auditoriums I bought are as tight as good stand mounts,but as deep as you could reasonably ask.
As a small tip,they sound even better on a Mana sound base,but then most speakers would.
Submitted by
david w 12 a Audio Enthusiast

The "Auditorium" is the name of the entry level Living Voice speaker as well as the product line name of all three models in the "domesticly acceptable" range of Living Voice speakers. (There are other very large and expensive horns available too.)
My speakers are the entry level Auditoriums. I've used them with both Rega amps and tube amps. The Auditoriums are like no other speaker I auditioned. They get the dynamic contrasts and tonal balance absolutely right. The music flows effortlessly and the speakers easily communicate the emotion of the performance. While not a large speaker, the Auditoriums do deliver realistic sense of scale very much like a big speaker can. They are a very well balanced speaker and, uniquly, seemed to have just the right mix of what I wanted in a speaker, ie. room friendly, wife friendly, big scale and dynamics, good base, high performance, easy to drive, and affordable.

I bought Living Voice OBX-R (with external crossover) in second hand. Current system consists of: DIY Dual Mono SET EL34 amp (8W), heavily tweaked Exposure 2010s CDP.
When you have a low power SET in your system sensitive and good speakers are must – of course if you plan some serious listening.

Speakers are not state of the art in terms of design. But simplicity and straight lines make them as a good partner for any environment. Personal choices are supported with different finishes. When reading different reviews about those speakers you will find both pro and cons and also there are numerous discussions about amp power needed to drive those speakers. Sometimes less is more….

First of all those speakers are not so sensitive to corner placement. You can really place them anywhere in your room but some guidelines should be followed. Room size is the first parameter you should consider – 12 square meters is probably minimal area. Still you need to have at least 2-2.5m between left and right speaker. Distance from the back or side walls should be established during the listening sessions. If you have low power amp (<12W) placing them near the back wall will provide more bass but at the same time you will loose kind of definition between bass, mid and vocal. Sound will become more compact. On the other side placing them away from back wall you will lose some bass but definition and openness will be superb. This situation can be heard when listening on low volumes. Distance between listener and speakers should be at least as distance between left and right speakers. Speakers should be rotated towards the listener – listener should see only front panel or small parts of both left and right inner speaker walls.
In my current setup they are placed on longer side in room 4.5x3.5m. They are placed 1.5m from back wall and 0.5m from side walls. Such position leave 2.5m between speakers and listening position is almost 3m from speakers.

This speaker is kind of what you have – you will hear. If you have chance to listen Audio Note AnE/Spe HE you will not get such dramatic bass. Still, Living voice will provide you stable and clear bass. Also you should take into consideration that Living Voice goes down to 35Hz! So some frequency is missing in comparison to speaker which goes down to 20Hz. Anyhow bass is fully harmonized with other areas and in that sense will provide in overall pleasant and smooth sound.

Middle and vocals:
Strings are strings, lips are lips. Clear and transparent. Amazing will be enough. Different instruments are separated well and can be clearly heard. Soundstage is well formed – depth, distance, position. Everything is there - balanced and neutral.

What you have – you will hear. Connect them with fine equipment and you will be rewarded with amazing sound. When it comes to speaker cables you can use typical wiring from amp to crossover (add jumpers on crossovers) but from crossover to speakers you need to bi-wire.

One of the most involving speakers I have owned. Very transparent and dynamic and organic.. The Avatar obx may not be the best that I have had. but it is the best match for my current system. The mid-range is magical and it is one of the most musical speakers that have graced my listening room. I am enjoying them more than speakers 5x their retail price.
they replaced a $45,000 Westlake tower speakers that was a great speaker but way too large for my room. I have also had Sonus Faber Amatis,which , I have equally enjoyed and Tannoy Churchills that were magical. All these speakers are considered world class speakers . The obx certainly belong with them . Don't let there smaller footprint fool you , they are capable of filling a room with full sound. They can be powered with low powered amps...I am using Jadis 300B mono Blocks that has 10 watts !! Coupled with Western Electric 300B tubes the mid range is unequalled. They benefit from top quality associated gear. The best bang for the dollar by far...for my limited experienced. If you have the opportunity try them , well worth your extra effort (double wiring required due to outboard x-over) you will be rewarded , as I have.

I supplied an earlier review for the bottom of the range Auditorium and have now moved up to the Avatar. I thought an update was in order. I still love the philosophy and detailed, but laid back sound of the whole range and have carefully listened to all 3, Auditorium, Avatar and Avatar OBX. They all have a "house sound", for want of a better word and that is quite different from many other speaker ranges. Am I the only person to find most modern speakers harsh and fatiguing, step forward BandW. Superficially exciting after a prolonged listen I feel my ears are being assaulted. But each to there own and I am not criticising other ranges, I am merely reporting the LV's easy to live with.
Laid back, but not bland, the Avatars image well with a deep rather than forward soundstage.They do'nt seem to favour any particular style of music. Accurate across the frequency range, the junior version, the Auditoriums do have a slightly muddled base. The 2 Avatars are clearly the better speakers and I would urge you to go for either of the Avatars, I have to say I did'nt find a great difference in quality between them. The sound was different, the OBX have a bigger soundstage and better base, but am I the only one to hear a slight upper midbase lift on the OBX. Plus , where do you put those external Xovers.
So I am a fan of the Avatars and see no reason to change, they need room to breathe and they have such potential, they deserve decent ancillaries. As you may know, Kevin Scott their designer is a bit of a tube fetishist, thus there high sensitivity. I think they deserve tube power amps or high quality Class A solid state such as Monarchy Audio or Sugden. I use them with Pass lab Aleph 3's a magical combination. Any Aleph users out there looking for new speakers, look no further.