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Kuzma 4Point. 9 Tone Arm Outperforms on Every Level
“The Kuzma arm gets out of the way so well it makes good cartridges sound better, and really good cartridges sound fantastic!...Highly recommended, and a new reference point irrespective of cost – this might just be the best arm you can buy today.” " Even reviewers (who generally can’t face the same way when asked to) agreed that the 4POINT was one of, if not the finest pivoted arm ever made. " HIFI+
"Tonearm Award for Kuzma 4Point9" -- HiFi+

4Point on Onedof turntable by M. Fremer:  "It produced an experience like listening to open-reel tape, with imaging and soundstaging stability superior to those of any arm I've heard, including Continuum Cobra.
«  Designed by Franc Kuzma, this brilliant pivoted tonearm takes its name from its four-point bearing system: Four carefully arranged points contact four cups, permitting the arm to move in both the vertical and lateral planes while avoiding the chatter of gimbaled bearings and the instability of unipivot designs. It has an effective length of 11", a pivot-to-spindle distance of 10.3", an overhang of 0.6", an effective mass of 0.4oz, and a total weight of 3.63 lbs. Its removable headshell made swapping cartridges painless, while adjustment of VTF, VTA, antiskating, and azimuth were all relatively simple. With its outstanding immediacy, transparency, and overall coherence, the 4Point consistently exceeded Mikey's expectations. Compared to the combo of Continuum Cobra arm and Ortofon A90 cartridge, the 4Point with Lyra Titan i offered greater timbral, textural, and image solidity, said MF. "I'm in love," he concluded. Compared with the Continuum Audio Labs Cobra ( $12,500, ) , the Kuzma sounded more natural and more energetic. "The Kuzma 4Point may be the finest tonearm out there, period," said MF. The Kuzma matched the Graham Phantom II Supreme's ( $19,250.00 ) detail retrieval and neutrality but offered greater speed and coherence, said MF.  (Vol.34 Nos.9 & 10, Vol.35 No.7, Vol.39 No.3 WWW, Vol.39 No.11)  STEREOPHILE

«  Comparing the Kuzma 4Point and Graham Phantom II Supreme on the Onedof clearly demonstrated that while these arms are both top performers, rivaling each other in terms of ultralow coloration and general detail retrieval, the Kuzma was simply faster, tighter, and more physically coherent, and its transient performance was ideal. It produced an experience like listening to open-reel tape, with imaging and soundstaging stability superior to those of any arm I've heard, including the Continuum Cobra.

The Cobra is a great arm, but the Kuzma 4Point is simply better - perhaps because, unlike the Cobra, it has horizontal and vertical damping. Combine the Graham's smoothness and coherence with the Cobra's speed and dynamics, and you have the Kuzma 4Point minus any of the Cobra's slight uncertainty." —
Michael Fremer STEREOPHILE

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The Kuzma 4Point tonearm continues receiving praise from audiophiles for its precision construction, ease of adjustment, and contributions to achieving quality sound from vinyl records
Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Awards for 2019

4 POINT 9 pouces, 4 POINT 11 pouces 4 POINT 14 pouces, de 3850 € à 8950 €
4 POINT 9 pouces option câblage Cardas Clear : + 549 €
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